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Influencer Jazmyne Day highlights varying reactions to her appearance, calling out Americans in particular

Welsh model Jazmyne Day, known for her size M-cup breasts, has opened up about the different ways people treat her around the world, particularly in the United States.

Influencer Jazmyne Day highlights

Day claims that she experiences stares and harassment due to her large breasts, with Americans being particularly open and forward about their reactions.

Influencer Jazmyne Day

Speaking to News.com.au, the 29-year-old model expressed her frustration, stating that people in the US do not hesitate to openly react to her appearance. “They will laugh and point, or stop and stare. They won’t make an effort to hide what they are doing,” she explained. Day further revealed that the only time people in the US aren’t as upfront is when they try to discreetly take pictures.

Influencer Jazmyne Day before surgury

While Day noted that people in the UK are similarly judgmental, they tend to be less vocal about it. “We are more reserved in the UK, so they are less vocal. I get a lot of angry stares, mainly from other women,” she said. However, Day expressed her surprise at the warm reception she received during a recent visit to Australia, where people treated her like anyone else. She described the experience as refreshing and expressed her love for Australians.


Day, who used to live in Melbourne, revealed that the judgment-free atmosphere in Australia is one of the reasons she considers it one of her favorite places. She praised the friendly people, the captivating wildlife, the delicious cuisine, the breathtaking nature, and the overall amazing vibes.

Having undergone surgery in 2018 and 2020 to achieve the “body of her dreams,” Day transformed her physique from a natural D-cup to a size M-cup. Her current breast size weighs nearly 10 pounds combined. She embarked on her body transformation journey in 2017, losing around 70.5 pounds and building muscle through diet and exercise.

With her unique figure, Day has gained popularity on social media platforms, amassing 386,000 followers on her main Instagram account and 298,000 followers on her fitness-focused account. Despite being aware of the criticisms and claims that her appearance looks “ridiculous,” Day loves her new body and continues to inspire her followers through her fitness journey.

Jazmyne Day’s experiences shed light on the contrasting reactions and treatment she receives in different countries, emphasizing the need for acceptance and respect for individuals’ diverse appearances.

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