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Grameen Jano Unnayan Sangstha Job Circular 2023

Grameen Jano Unnayan Sangstha Job Circular 2023. Grameen Jano Unnayan Sangstha (GJUS) is a non-profit organization based in Bangladesh that aims to empower underprivileged communities through education, healthcare, and economic development initiatives. The organization was founded in 2001 and has since become a leading voice in advocating for social justice and equality in the country.

Grameen Jano Unnayan Sangstha Job Circular 2023

GJUS’s mission is to create a society where everyone has equal access to education, healthcare, and economic opportunities. The organization believes that by empowering individuals and communities, it can break the cycle of poverty and create sustainable and lasting change.

One of GJUS’s main focus areas is education. The organization operates several schools in rural areas of Bangladesh, where access to education is limited. The schools provide quality education to children from low-income families, and the organization also offers scholarships to students who cannot afford to pay for their education. GJUS’s education initiatives also include adult literacy programs and vocational training courses to help individuals acquire skills that can help them secure better jobs.

Job Details Of Grameen Jano Unnayan Sangstha

Post NameJunior Field Officer,
Probationary Officer
Salary21,800 BDT
Job TypeNGO job
Age30-35 years
Job NatureFull time

Grameen Jano Unnayan Sangstha Job Circular 2023 Career

GJUS also focuses on improving healthcare in underprivileged communities. The organization operates several medical clinics in rural areas, providing affordable healthcare services to people who would otherwise not have access to medical care. The clinics offer a range of services, including general check-ups, maternal and child health services, and treatments for common illnesses.

Some important information

Name Of OrganizationGrameen Jano Unnayan Sangstha
Published On28 Feb 2023
Application Deadline09 Mar 2023
Official website

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Grameen Jano Unnayan Sangstha Job Circular 2023 Apply

GJUS’s work has had a significant impact on the communities it serves. The organization has helped thousands of children receive an education, providing them with opportunities for a better future. It has also improved access to healthcare, saving countless lives in rural areas. GJUS’s economic development initiatives have helped individuals start businesses, create jobs, and increase their incomes, improving their overall quality of life.

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